Eight Things You Can Find Online 

It’s back-to-school season, so we’re offering some instruction on effective research. We bet you didn’t know about all the things we’ve loaded onto capncork.com to make your life easier. So we’re highlighting eight of the best! You can thank us later. 

8. Ever wonder when we’re next offering the chance to come sample something new? We always announce the tastings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But we also load them onto our events page on our website, too–you can see everything on the schedule for the whole month!


7. We have 15 stores. You can hardly turn around and spit without seeing one! We’ve helpfully listed them all on our locations page, along with phone numbers and the hours each is open.

6. What’s on sale, you ask? Here’s the answer! (Check our social media sites, too.)


5. Learn the true story of how Cap n’ Cork founder George Lebamoff came up with the company name. (It makes perfect sense!)

 4. Are your friends jealous because you get the monthly newsletter and they don’t? Send them to our home page to sign up. They can be cool too!


Sweet Tea and Bourbon recipe on capncork.com3. We have cocktail recipes on our website to make anyone feel like the host with the most. Find classics such as the Manhattan and whiskey sour, favorites such as the mojito, and even recipes for the holidays and party punches.

 2. Go to beverage university with our Drink Bettersection. We have EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about beer, wine and spirits. We have toasts. We have wine pairings. We have beer pairings. We teach you how rum is made, the difference between whiskey and whisky, and what riddlers do. (They turn Champagne bottles.) We have suggestions for special occasions (Happy Valentine’s Day!) and tailgating tips. Best of all, we have a search bar so you can get what you want fast!


1. If by some chance you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, slide over to our contact page. We don’t bury the goods six layers deep or make you fill out a bunch of forms. We have names, phone numbers and email addresses, along with links to our social sites. You know why? Because we are happy to help. We put all kinds of information on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, send you newsletters and announcements and invite you to tastings. But if you ever have a special question or request, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love to hear from you!


In fact, if you have suggestions for our website, let us know. Go dig in, take it for a spin and discover how you can save money, entertain better and stay on top of the latest events. You are welcome!

Free Tastings

Some of us have never met a drink we don’t like. And others prefer to dip their toes in the vodka first. For those who always want the latest new thing and for those who want to try before they buy, we offer free tastings 5-7 p.m. Join us and bring a friend!

August 7: Waynedale

August 14: New Haven

August 21: Georgetown

August 28: Coldwater

Taste Anytime

Come hang out! Belly up to our tasting bars and sample for free any time at our Dupont, Covington, New Haven, Georgetown, Coldwater, Maysville or Canterbury locations.