A Cap n’ Cork tasting event often includes sampling wine, liquor, or beer. First, bring a designated driver to the event. When sampling wines, begin with dry wines and then move to sweeter, dessert wines. Look at the color of the wine. Swirl it in the glass to release its aroma into your nose as you smell it. Sip it. Refresh your palate with a small glass or wine or munchies before trying something drastically different. Enjoy the various tastes and ask our Cap n’ Cork staff questions.

When sampling liquor, if it’s your first event, stick with one type of liquor, but try different brands. For example, taste various brands of vodka, tequila, or whiskey, but don’t mix them unless you know you can tolerate them. Some customers bring paper and pens to take notes. Again, ask questions. We enjoy these events as much as you do!

Check out our upcoming tasting event schedule to stop by our next tasting event!