Throw the best party on the block. Or boat. Or back yard. (We got this!)

Cap n’ Cork is here to help. Check out our easy tips for party prep and our top picks for beverages in any situation. On the Fourth of July and beyond, make every cookout great!


Ice, Ice, Baby

Get ice. Lots of it. Have ice for the coolers or beverage tub, and have separate ice for making cocktails. Bigger cubes melt more slowly, making them ideal for the cooler. Who wants to drink out of a can that’s been swimming in a tub of ice water into which everyone’s grubby hands have plunged? And don’t forget a scoop or tongs for the cocktail ice.


Cookout beverage tips from Cap n' Cork


Chill Out

Cool your cans and bottles before you put them in the cooler or beverage tub–that ice will last even longer. Or buy them from our refrigerated case right before the event. Chill your spirits and liquors for a while, too–cocktails will be more refreshing.


Cookout tips from Cap n' Cork


Drink Green

No one wants to wash dishes after a cookout. But plastic can stack up. Order compostable cold cups to be delivered directly to your door before the big day. While you’re at it, get some compostable trash bags to toss them in, along with the glass bottles and aluminum cans. Nothing could be easier!


Protect the Produce

Limes, oranges, lemons, berries and mint leaves make every summer thirst-quencher better. Wash and slice everything ahead of time; if you try to cut wedges or wheels outside, it’s like throwing a party for the bees. Put each in a small, sealed baggie or container and keep them all on ice.



One for the Dogs

Burgers, brats and hot dogs are better with Boulevard 80 Acre, a nice hoppy wheat beer. And for those who don’t do brew, try 1,000 Stories Zinfandel, a bourbon barrel-aged zin with the muscle to match your grilled goods.


High Stakes

If a good steak is your dinner of choice, pick up some Bells Porter, with rich hints of dark chocolate and coffee. Add class to your cookout with Liberty School Cabernet from Paso Robles.


Lagunitas at Cap n' Cork.


Goes Together Swimmingly 

If you like to sear the best of the sea, stock up on Lagunitas Czech Style Pilsner as well as Banfi Gavi, a pretty and light white wine.


For Cornhole Marathons

Those who like to play all day will appreciate the low alcohol content and big flavor of a session beer like Founders All Day IPA. It might even improve your game!


Cocktails on the boat with Cap n' Cork.


Best Beverage on a Boat

Most captains refuse anything but white drinks on deck. (Red stains, you know!) Fortunately, Svedka’s Mango Pineapple is the right hue and delicious with 7-Up or Sprite. And Svedka Colada, with coconut and pineapple flavors, is marvelous with pineapple juice. Easy breezy!


Favorite Porch Pounder

You know what we mean: The kind of light, refreshing beverage you enjoy on a long, lazy afternoon in the sun. If your cookout is a laid-back, soak-up-some-rays kind of day, try New Age White Wine. Just add a twist of lime and, Voila! A cocktail!


Best to Pack on a Picnic

The perfect picnic quaff is portable. Palm Breeze malt beverage comes in Ruby Red Citrus and Pineapple Mandarin Orange, and it’s good to go right out of the can.


Find Not Your Father's Root Beer at Cap n' Cork.


Serve Liquid Dessert

It’s one of the hottest new products in a long time and everyone’s favorite treat: Not Your Father’s Root Beer. It tastes just like the drink you enjoyed as a kid. Add Pinnacle Whipped Vodka (two parts root beer to one part vodka) or scoops of ice cream for a grown-up root beer float!


For more delicious cocktail ideas, see our vast selection of recipes at!


Free Tastings

Some of us have never met a drink we don’t like. And others prefer to dip their toes in the vodka first. For those who always want the latest new thing and for those who want to try before they buy, we offer free tastings 5-7 p.m. Join us and bring a friend!

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