Many articles recommend wines to complement a beautiful Thanksgiving spread. But let’s be honest: We know you’re just as likely to need a wine to keep you calm through dinner prep, mask a very dry turkey or help you smile through an awkward meal with the relatives. Consider these suggestions from our very own Rocky DePrimio, manager of our Covington location:

Pacific Rim Dry Riesling: Thanksgiving is a hodge-podge of flavors, especially if it’s a potluck. Fortunately, this wine can span the gaps. It’s crisp, dry and lush, with flavors of citrus, jasmine and minerals. As Pacific Rim describes it, “Our Dry Riesling is endlessly versatile and harmoniously complements the world’s most vibrant and flavorful cuisine— from Asian to European to a wide variety of seafood, cheeses and cold meats.” In other words, just about anything Aunt Edna can show up with.

Gruet Blanc de Noirs: This is a rich, toasty and complex wine. It has an aroma of berries and a creamy texture. The winemaker had this to say: “A fine salmon color, aggressive mousse and a lovely fruity wine with plenty of immediate charm and toasty aromas. There is also an explosive juicy flavor of raspberry.” This would work well from drumstick through cranberry.

Kung Fu Girl Riesling: Planning a spicy meal? Adding a little barbecue sauce to the bird? Here’s the ying to that yang. As winemaker Charles Smith says, “This wine kicks a$$ with tons of complexity, showing notes of white peach, Linden leaves and slate. Lovely focused acidity, finishing very long with mandarin orange and lots of minerality.”

Chateau St. Jean Gewurztraminer: This lovely wine starts with floral fragrances of honeysuckle and jasmine, balanced by crisp sweet apple and white tea. The flavors are warm and rich, with ripe pineapple and soft spice on the palate. It offers light acidity, a rich mouthfeel and good body, as well as a smooth, well-rounded finish.

Columbia Valley Cellarmaster’s Riesling: This beautifully balanced wine has classic floral, Riesling aromas with a hint of sweetness. The grapes are selected because of their higher acidity, which emphasizes the apricot, peachy flavors and creates a good match for strong cheeses, desserts or extremely spicy foods. Columbia Valley offers these tasting notes: “Floral aroma with hints of peach, quince, lime and clove delight the nose. Rich and full-flavored fruit on the palate is balanced by refreshing, crisp acidity.” Pie, anyone?

And what if you just want a wine to carry you through the day, from first baste to last load of dishes? Try Mark West Pinot Noir. It’s like that black sweater that goes with everything. Comfortable, with a rich feel, but not overbearing. It’s described as “a delicate and juicy medium-bodied red with raspberry, sweet cherry and nutmeg spice.” That sounds like the jam on our biscuits, the sauce on our turkey and the fruit in our pie. They say it also pairs perfectly with herb-infused dishes and sweet potato fries. Invite Mark West to your party, and you’ll have a good friend by your side all day long.

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